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God talks; you too can hear Him

If you seek the Lord with all sincerity, you will find Him big for He’s not far from any one of us. Amen. God’s in near!

It’s not a sin to have believed people for who they said they’re but it’s foolishness to stay glued to such even after you have insight into the truth that proves them otherwise. If you stay with God, the creator, long enough you will have deep insight into people’s life even before they open their mouth. They call it word of knowledge, wisdom or discerning of spirits! Stay with God! “Did my spirit not go with you?”, Elisha asked Gehazi!

If you ask God about a situation, He will tell you His mind. This is for all children of God. God is near to us!


This doesn’t make me a prophet, but when I was finding a wife, any Christian girl I liked and prayed about God usually told
me His mind (vision, revelation, dream or outright prophecy from someone I never told) about each in few days of praying (for some, that same night). One lady in particular was resiliently on my case, so I separated myself to pray as I went to preach in a friend’s church. The first vision of the trip was of her showing me her husband. Case closed. God speaks. Talk to Him. Mathew 7:7.

There’s nothing too big, serious or too small or trivial that we cannot talk to God about. He is so near, dear and loving. He is God. While talking with a precious Lady the other day, she opened up about not having her period as at due date (she’s chaste and don’t mess around as known to me). She feared a demonic infliction. I took the matter to God. A vision showed up of her washing herself. I called and told her that within two days, you will flow normally. She called the second day that she’s now on. All I could say to God is, “You’re involved in every human case.”

Talk to Him beloved. Answers will come. Amen

Author: Reverend David Richman

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