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The importance of prayer in the life of a believer (Part 1)

Christianity is not just a religious ideology or a philosophy of men, but a way of life that is powered by a functional relationship that is established between an infinite, immortal deity- God, and a mortal man. It is on the strength of this relationship that one is called a believer.

The life of the New Testament believer is founded upon certain rigid pillars from where every other aspect of their lives derive bearing and functionality. It is on the robust economy of these pillars that the entire infrastructure called the Christian is sustained. One of these pillars is the pillar of prayer (Acts 6:4).

Every functional relationship is powered and sustained by a healthy system of communication, interaction, fellowship or communion and intimacy. Prayer is that operating system of communication between a mortal man and an immortal deity, God. The strength of every believer and his attendant possibilities are directly dependent on the quality of his or her prayer life. This is because every time you pray, you exchange weaknesses for the strength of God (Philippians 4:6-7).

It is popularly said that ‘proximity brings intimacy’. This implies that the more often you appear before God in prayer, the more you interact with His presence, and realities, and become more like Him. Hence, prayer is, first of all, a means of interacting with God. This is because God is primarily a being of love and He created man with the ability to love so that He can have a functional relationship with man.


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