Bible’s stand on Marriage and Relationship

You cannot, in the name of “honour your father and mother so it may be well with you”, buy or send money for Muslim festival ram or idol or traditional festival paraphernalia to your parents as a duly born again Christian. No! Otherwise you partake of their sins and block their way to salvation. I know many believers do this ignorantly, but it’s a lopsided interpretation of God’s…
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Learn the equilibrium of life on education & street wisdom-with & grit factor.

Let’s unravel the excellency of knowledge & the power of charisma. School is good and the street is also good. Many moguls have emerged from the streets the world over and many more magnates have risen from the school. School is the bedrock of learned knowledge and the street is the springboard of great doings, practical knowledge or tact. School is smooth running and could be…
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How to deal with lukewarmness and stay on fire for God

One of the tragedies that this generation of Christians has been experiencing is that we are fast losing our passion for God and lukewarmness has become a beast that everyone is looking to tame and conquer. You see a Christian today burning with passion for God and tomorrow, asking yourself if this is not the same person. It has become so easy for Christians to lose their fire for God. So easy…
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When last did you examine yourself?

Christianity as I defined it, is a way of a transformed life that displays the life, excellence and power of Christ to the world. Anything short of this will lead to a mere gathering of religious people. From the moment a man is born again, the person should experience a…