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One day it will be the final moment: Are you always ready?

Rapture, the return of Jesus, will be so sudden that many will be caught unawares! Are you always ready? Programmes, good deeds or carrying out so called “visions” will be the greatest distractions of many that they won’t know when death strikes or rapture takes place! Are you always ready? The greatest surprise at the gates of eternity will not be that of unbelievers told to depart to hell…
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12 statements a young minister should not make in ministry.

When you’re just starting out in ministry or still very young in ministry, you must do away with “youthful exuberance” that gives you a false sense of confidence, thereby making you to think that you’re better than those who have gone ahead. At this stage, if a young minister is not well-trained, well-cultured and well-mannered, he may think that those who have gone ahead…
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Living with Purpose: Understanding the urgency of sharing the Gospel for the hope of eternal life

Living with purpose is something we all strive for, but have we ever stopped to consider what that truly means? As believers, we understand that our purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those around us. But why is this so urgent? Why do we need to prioritise this above all else? The answer lies in the hope of eternal life. For many, the concept of eternal life may seem like a…
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Build systems and structures in ministry

Dear Minister, never build your ministry on an individual or on the gift of an individual as the case may be. Whereas you will have gifted, talented, resourceful and anointed associates in your ministry, it is however often counterproductive to isolate one person’s…

The mistakes i made in ministry

Dead flies will cause even a bottle of perfume to stink! Yes, a small mistake can outweigh much wisdom and honour. Ecclesiastes 10:1 TLB If you don’t know where you make your mistakes, that’s your worst mistake. It is true that we learn from mistakes. However, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than your own mistake. Ministry has been like a heritage in our…
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