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Four Levels of Yielding to The Holy Spirit (2) – Ezekiel 47:1-8

Still looking at the different levels of relating with the Holy Ghost, we saw two levels yesterday- the Ankle-deep level: when you are in control of your life and decisions and also, the Knee-deep level- when your decisions are mainly soulish. Let’s continue today: 3. THE LOIN-LEVEL (Verse 4): At this point, you can sense the struggle between the spirit and the flesh. Just like Paul experienced…
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Living a Life of FireSpiritualityTeachings

Do not lose your fire

“Your future is determined by your daily routines” -was one of the statements I heard Dr. Mike Murdock make in the early days of my ministry. Sometime in the year 2004, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Your spiritual life is the foundation of your ministry.” Over the years, that instruction has been etched on the canvas of my heart, and it’s one of my guiding…
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Transforming Relationship with the Holy Spirit: A journey of faith, humility, and growth

Growing up in a Christian household was the foundation of my salvation. I can’t remember a time I did not believe in God and know that Jesus Christ died for my sins; it had been drilled into me a countless number of times. Growing up with this knowledge, I stayed away from the seemingly major sins. However, my main error was that I was not exploring my relationship with the Holy Spirit. I…
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God talks; you too can hear Him

If you seek the Lord with all sincerity, you will find Him big for He’s not far from any one of us. Amen. God’s in near! It’s not a sin to have believed people for who they said they’re but it’s foolishness to stay glued to such even after you have insight into the…
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Daily habits that will help Christians stay grounded in their Faith

Have you ever felt like life is overwhelming and it’s hard to stay grounded in your faith? It’s normal to feel disconnected from God from time to time, but maintaining a grounded faith is important. It’s like the foundation of a house, strong and sturdy enough to stand strong in any weather. Daily habits are the building blocks to establish and maintain that foundation. By integrating…
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