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Four Levels of Yielding to The Holy Spirit (2) – Ezekiel 47:1-8

Still looking at the different levels of relating with the Holy Ghost, we saw two levels yesterday- the Ankle-deep level: when you are in control of your life and decisions and also, the Knee-deep level- when your decisions are mainly soulish. Let’s continue today: 3. THE LOIN-LEVEL (Verse 4): At this point, you can sense the struggle between the spirit and the flesh. Just like Paul experienced…
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Living a Life of FireSpiritualityTeachings

Do not lose your fire

“Your future is determined by your daily routines” -was one of the statements I heard Dr. Mike Murdock make in the early days of my ministry. Sometime in the year 2004, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Your spiritual life is the foundation of your…

Build systems and structures in ministry

Dear Minister, never build your ministry on an individual or on the gift of an individual as the case may be. Whereas you will have gifted, talented, resourceful and anointed associates in your ministry, it is however often counterproductive to isolate one person’s…
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7 ways to help your children love the church and engage in fellowship.

1) Preparation: Help Them Have a Genuine Hunger For Spiritual Things Prepare your child for worship by taking time to explain to them what happens at Church. In other words, be intentional about making sure their relationship with God starts from home. Find ways to incorporate certain key aspects of Christian worship, such as Bible reading, prayer, and song, into their daily routine. Expose them…
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Separation unto God is separation unto His calling on you

The devil doesn’t come with temptation when you have not gathered any substance spiritual or otherwise. He only comes when there’s something to either steal, kill or destroy! John 10:10. Building the Future of Artificial Intelligence Every time the devil, the thief, comes with a temptation at your flesh(hear this well),it’s either to steal, kill or…
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