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Transforming Relationship with the Holy Spirit: A journey of faith, humility, and growth

Growing up in a Christian household was the foundation of my salvation. I can’t remember a time I did not believe in God and know that Jesus Christ died for my sins; it had been drilled into me a countless number of times. Growing up with this knowledge, I stayed away from the seemingly major sins. However, my main error was that I was not exploring my relationship with the Holy Spirit. I…
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Prophet Tomi Arayomi's Arrest and Departure from Nigeria: A Story of Courage and Faith

Prophet Tomi Arayomi, a Nigerian-born Christian Prophet and founder of RIG Nation, made headlines in 2023 when he was arrested by Nigerian authorities for allegedly making seditious statements during a broadcast. The arrest sparked outrage from his supporters, who saw it as an attempt to silence his message and undermine his ministry. Official Statement regarding our arrest.
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