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Only God lifts men, quit being afraid

Only God lifts men, quit being afraid… “For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed.” Isaiah 50:7. That you’re surrounded by many doesn’t mean you’re supported and that you’re deserted by people doesn’t mean you have no help. See, this thing…
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Silenced Screens: The struggle of 'Sound of Freedom' movie in american cinemas!"

Lights, camera, but no action! In a world where freedom of expression is celebrated, an unsettling reality has emerged – a gripping cinematic masterpiece, ‘Sound of Freedom,’ is battling against the odds to find its voice on the big screens across the United States. What happens when the pursuit of truth clashes with powerful forces seeking to suppress it? The answer unfolds as the…
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God talks; you too can hear Him

If you seek the Lord with all sincerity, you will find Him big for He’s not far from any one of us. Amen. God’s in near! It’s not a sin to have believed people for who they said they’re but it’s foolishness to stay glued to such even after you have insight into the…
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One day it will be the final moment: Are you always ready?

Rapture, the return of Jesus, will be so sudden that many will be caught unawares! Are you always ready? Programmes, good deeds or carrying out so called “visions” will be the greatest distractions of many that they won’t know when death strikes or rapture takes place! Are you always ready? The greatest surprise at the gates of eternity will not be that of unbelievers told to depart to hell…
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Prayer and fasting are two of the most powerful tools in the Christian's spiritual arsenal

Prayer and fasting are two of the most powerful tools in the Christian’s spiritual arsenal. We can’t go through life without them, but we often neglect utilizing these foundational practices. When we do pray and fast, however, we will see God work in our lives like never before. The following sections of this article explain what prayer is and how to pray as well as why fasting is so…
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