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Protecting Our Children: The Global Battle Against Child Trafficking

In today’s interconnected world, the issue of child trafficking has emerged as a pressing global concern. Millions of innocent lives are stolen, sold, and exploited, subjected to unimaginable horrors that leave indelible scars on their physical and emotional well-being. Child trafficking knows no borders, and it plagues various countries across the world. As responsible citizens and caring…
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Skipping Church: Discover how it really affects your children

We know that artificially taking your kids to church neither bestows salvation nor guarantees it. External religious acts without heart worship obviously do not honor God.This type of legalismisn’t the subject of this discussion aboutchurch attendance. This is about the weight of responsibility behind how parents prioritize their family’s time and lifestyle choices. 1. This…
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Don't be an absentee father, pastor or leader in ministry.

Being a father, pastor or leader in ministry is not about title; it’s a sacred trust and responsibility that God confers on people by the election of Grace. A father, pastor or leader in ministry is not just ABLE; he’s also AVAILABLE for the people who follow and look up to him. As a leader in ministry, you can’t abandon your role in training and instructing the people under…
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The chosen begins streaming season 4, series to be translated into 600 languages.

The Chosen is a groundbreaking television series that has been captivating audiences around the world with its vivid portrayal of the life and times of Jesus Christ and the people around him. The series has just begun streaming its fourth season, and it has already made waves in the entertainment industry by announcing that it will be translated into over 600 languages. We’re back.
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